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Mitigate Business Valuation Consequences In Your Divorce

The division of the marital estate and marital property can have lifelong consequences for a party in a divorce. There can be important tax consequences from your division of property. Proper valuation of assets (e.g., real estate, family businesses, collectibles, etc.) and the actual division of the property needs to be done carefully.

Having an Expert on Your Side

It is important to retain experts who are familiar with issues in property divisions and valuations. Also important is that your experts be recognized and respected by the court as competent in their field. When there is a wide variety of assets (e.g., family businesses, mutual funds, 401(k) plans, IRAs, pensions, real estate, investments, etc.), dividing the estate can become complicated. Unfair results can be the outcome if you don’t have an experienced legal team.

Items to Consider When Dividing Your Property

  • Who gets what in the division of your property?
  • Who decides who gets what?
  • How will the transfer of titles occur once decisions have been made?
  • Debt: How will it be divided and who will pay it off?

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