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Why Reed Law Group?

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Clients come to Reed Law Group, P.C. when they are in the midst of a highly contested custody or parenting time dispute, when high asset property divisions are pending and/or when substantial child/spousal support issues are in question.  Reed Law Group, P.C. puts your best case forward whether in a trial, referee hearing, evidentiary hearing, motion hearing or at mediation.  By being current in the law, monitoring local decisions, and using clear and persuasive arguments, we seek the most favorable outcome possible in each case.

Fighting for You

In family law, only a small percentage of cases actually proceed to trial.  However, by being fully prepared at all stages of the case, it is possible to negotiate from a position of strength.  Being fully informed and prepared for trial often results in a favorable settlement, and if not, clients feel confident with Reed Law Group, P.C. to proceed to the trial stage.

We ease the stress on clients by promptly returning calls and e-mails, answering questions, timely providing clients with all of the documents in their case, regularly meeting with clients, and when necessary, by having a variety of professionals to collaborate with on various family law issues (e.g., therapists, financial planners, appraisers, accountants, etc.).

Guiding and Protecting

We are unrelenting and effective advocates willing to guide and protect you while moving your case forward.

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